Thursday, September 1, 2011


This summer has been great! It started with a super fun trip to Europe for mountain biking. Coached by Olympic gold medalist Connie Carpenter. I learned so much from that trip and became a much better biker. It is super cool to be able to see another sport at such a high level. I was surprised at how fast some of those girls are and how technical the courses are. I also got to meet some more awesome people on that trip and learn more about summer sports since I usually participate in winter sports.
After biking in Europe I went out to Park City for physical testing and some water ramping. I left for Lake Placid shortly after that. I worked with another Olympic gold medalist Eric Bergoust. He was a very helpful coach and my jumps were improving a lot with his help. His technical advice helped me to fix some of my problems. I love being in Lake Placid it is a great place to train. The OTC is so convenient, the athletes there are so fun to be around! I feel like I fit in with when I am there. I also love how close everything is. It is easy to focus and get productive training there. The fourth of July was really fun there too! I treaded water for about 45 minutes watching fireworks from the middle of Mirror Lake so fun!
I went back out to Park City after Lake Placid for some more ramping before we took a trip to Mt. Hood. I got my tricks ready to throw on snow again. I also did an aerials water ramp comp. It was a lot different than mogul skiing but it was fun to try out.
Mt. Hood was great. It is nice to ski a bit on a flatter course in the middle of summer just to slow things down and really work on technique. Jumping there was also really good. I figured out what things I still needed to work on when I got back to water ramps. We went on a really pretty hike behind a waterfall there. I also got to ski in my T-shirt and spandex there
which was really nice because it was so hot. It was also really funny to be skiing moguls and jumping with tight clothes. Some extra incentive to do it correctly.
I came back to Park City for some more training. Water ramping, trampoline and strength and conditioning. It has been really good here so far getting a lot of work done on my jumps and getting stronger. I have also been slackling here a lot. It is so much fun! I am defiantly obsessed. Thanks to Gibbon for giving me a line. I love to learn and throw new tricks on and off of my slackline. It is a great way to spend my spare time and my friends really like it too.
I did the show in Park City last week and it was really fun to jump in front of all of those people. The energy in the crowd is great. I love it when people want to come watch what I love to do. It is great to inspire others to try water ramping and skiing. I am doing the show again this week so if any one is in town they should come watch it is really fun.
Over all this summer had been great. I have gotten to be around lots of really inspiring people. I am so happy that I get to call my favorite thing my "job".

Heidi Kloser