Sunday, October 7, 2012

Skiing again

My first trip back on snow (after my injury) was in Chile.  It was so great to be back on snow!  I skied flats only for the first couple of days to make sure that everything was feeling solid.  I was very happy to be back on snow, skiing again. It snowed quite a bit in Chile so I got so ski some powder before I was allowed to head into the moguls.  I always love a good powder day so it was great to just get to float around before I stared mogul training again.  I got to ski moguls without airs, on the fourth through sixth days. It was great to have some days with out jumping and really just work on turn shape and pole plants. On the seventh day of skiing, I was allowed to hit the jumps again! It was so fun to be soaring through the air over snow with skis on my feet again. I was not expecting to be aloud to do any real tricks the first day of jumping but my coach told me I could do some 360’s again.  It felt like I was really back after I did that fist 360.
I knew that my knee was feeling good and I could really start to train hard on the snow again. I was able to do more each day. I was skiing faster, jumping higher and throwing harder tricks.  I was not expecting to be throwing my back full in Chile but everything was going really well and my coach let me throw it on the second to last day of training.  It was really great to throw that trick and get the first one out of the way.  After I got hurt, I was a little scared when I was thinking about throwing my back full on snow again. I just did not want to be afraid or have any apprehension when I got to a mogul course to throw full again. Despite my fear of being afraid, I was not. I was actually less afraid to throw my back full in the moguls than I was to throw my back layout.  I was very pleased with the way my Chile camp went.
After the Chile camp I headed back to Park City, UT for some more water ramping and strength training. Then I headed back to Vail for a couple of days before I headed to Italy to do some biking.
I had been wanting to go to Italy for a while, especially since I missed Junior Worlds in Italy this season, so my parents had planned a nice biking trip to Italy before I would go to Zermatt. Unfortunately my mom broke her ankle a few weeks before we were going. It sounded really brutal, she had to be rescued from a really steep hiking trail and carried down when it was possible. She had a homemade splint made of newspaper, sticks and duct tape wrapped around her ankle for support. When the trail was too narrow and steep to carry her she had to hobble down it on one leg. It did not sound like a fun experience at all. She ended up getting surgery and was not able to make it on our trip.

My dad and I still headed over to do some biking, since we already had plane tickets booked.  It was a great time but we really missed my mom. My dad and I rode to a lot of really cool places. We climbed Passo de Stelvio (pictured on right), it was a long and steep one. We rode around several lakes and over more mountains. We also did a  via feratta (climbing) course on the Dolomites. It was a great trip.