Friday, August 31, 2012

Injury and Rehab

Getting hurt is always hard, it is hard to stay positive and understand why things like this happen. Sport is rewarding at times and incredibly frustrating at other times. People say that everything happens for a reason but it is hard to see a reason why such hard things have to happen.  In the end my best guess it to make us stronger, and the good things that much better.
The first couple weeks after surgery were a challenge, lots of pain in my knee and a hard time doing anything.  Once the pain and swelling went away it was pretty much the same ting until I could walk again. I would do some aqua jogging and upper body workouts.  Figuring out how to carry the equipment around was always a challenge. I got pretty good at hopping on one leg. After I started to be able to walk my muscle started to come back.
 I went on vacation with my family and it was nice, it has been a while since we went to a beach and it was really fun. We got to do some snorkeling and paddling.  The place we went was really nice, not to many people, it was very pretty and the water was a really comfortable temperature.
After the family vacation I went back to Vail for a little while, did some more upper body workouts and more physical therapy.  I headed out to Utah shortly after. In Utah I worked with the Physical Therapists and the strength coaches at the Center of Excellence.  It took a while but I worked hard and built my muscle back to a good strength.  After I passed my strength tests I was able to water ramp and it was great to put skis on my feet and hit some jumps.