Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


First blog about my Olympic experience.
We had an Olympic training camp in Steamboat which was very exciting. I really like the course in Steamboat, it has a good pitch and length so I was very excited to train there to make all of the final preparations before I left for Sochi. While we were in Steamboat we got our Olympic training uniforms. It was so cool to be putting them on for the first time, it started to feel real. 

After the Steamboat training camp we headed to Munich for processing. Processing was so cool, we got to walk through this huge store room in one of the Munich Olympic buildings and go to different stations and get all of our Olympic gear. We got fitted for all of ceremonies, got village wear, and got to choose our Olympic Rings.

The next day we got on a chartered fight from Munich to Sochi. We landed in Sochi, gathered all of our bags, loaded on a bus that took us to the Olympic welcome center. We then unloaded all of our stuff, went through the security, they scanned all of our bags and then they finalized our credentials. We loaded on to another bus that took us up to the Olympic Village. We arrived in a fog and could not see much.

The next morning the fog was gone and the view was beautiful. The mountains here are incredible, they start near sea level and just shoot up.

We also got a tour of the village. It is really cool, they have a game room, a movie area, a gift shop, a night club/reading room, a gym, a cafeteria and lots of buildings for the teams to stay.